Why does KBNJ.com exist?

KBNJ.com got started when I (Steve Freides) got tired of answering the same questions over and over about kettlebells.  Over time it has grown to include lots of information directed primarily at two groups of people - those who are considering kettlebells for the first time and those who have decided to use kettlebells but need help starting out (what to purchase and from where, how to plan workouts, how to integrate kettlebells into existing training, etc.).

Is KBNJ.com a commercial web site?

Yes and no.  It wasn't started to be a commercial web site but, with the affiliate program offered by DragonDoor.com, publisher of kettlebell training materials and supplier of the kettlebells themselves, it has become a commercial site.  It is, by no means, anyone's primary source of income or even a significant source of income, but the links throughout this site for purchasing training materials and equipment do bring us some money.

NB: If you like this site and you've found it helpful, please make your purchases through this web site instead of going directly to the DragonDoor site.  The cost to you is the same either way, but if you purchase through the links we provide here, DragonDoor sends us some money and that helps us justify the time we put into the site. 

 If you would like to know exactly how we make money on your purchases through this site, just see the "Affiliates" link on the DragonDoor site - it includes a complete commission structure.  If you'd like to know how much commission we make on an order of yours, email us your order number and when we receive notification from DragonDoor about your order, we'll reply with the exact amount of money they are paying us.  We typically receive such notification once per week and only on orders that actually ship - if you order then cancel before shipping, we receive no commission.

Likewise, we receive no commission for web "hits", only for purchases, so look to your heart's content.

We give you this information in some detail because we don't wish there to be any misconception or misunderstanding of our motives.  We use kettlebells daily around here and we enthusiastically sang their praises everywhere possible before we ever made a nickel from them, but we do make a commission when you buy through here and we don't think that's a bad thing.

How can I buy kettlebells and related materials?

Just click here to purchase DragonDoor training equipment and materials: